Welcome To Backcountry’s Back Yard!

Just what we need…another bonsai blog…right?

Well, like it or not we’re here. 🙂  This will not be a blog like any of the others though, Backcountry Bonsai is dedicated to sharing our adventures with you as we explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Wyoming in search of world class bonsai material.      — Our back yard just happens to be the awesome Rocky Mountains!

Backcountry Bonsai is: Steve and myself.. Dan W.

Steve V.


We are passionate about bonsai, collecting yamadori and the great outdoors in general. This blog (and coming website) will be our contact with the rest of you to share adventures and offer up trees that we’re collecting. We hope you will join us as we share our love for bonsai with you!

The Rockies are one of the best growing grounds for wild bonsai material in the country… maybe even the world. We hope to share some of this with you! Expect: Stories from our collecting/scouting excursions;  Pictures of trees that have been collected…will be collected…and some awesome ones that will stay right where they are; Development of our trees as we grow in this amazing art form; How to’s;… And much much more!

Many of the trees we collect will be up for sale and/or trade in the future. We love collecting yamadori and have a passion to make these trees available to artists and enthusiasts like you. Here are a few pic’s to hopefully get you excited!SAMSUNG





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