Winter Fun!

We can’t really do any collecting during the winter months…but that doesn’t keep us down. I attempt to get back into the mountains at least weekly through the winter, just because I love it! There is something incredibly peaceful and majestic about pine forests covered in winter snow.

Here are a few pic’s from some of last winters ski and snowshoe trips.

SAMSUNGDan's Phone 1 3550













And for fun,…these were taken by my dad during a ski trip in early Feb. .. .

Dan's Phone 1 3548Dan's Phone 1 3546








And the tree pictured above was collected April of 2012.

I’m glad to say that this tree is doing well. Spring of 2013 will be the true test, but I’m confident the tree is healthy and happy in it’s new home.

As I said, there’s not much collecting, watering, potting or really any bonsai work to be done in WY this time of year… but there are still plenty of beautiful things to get out and enjoy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and we wish you a happy and adventure filled new year!  SAMSUNG


2 thoughts on “Winter Fun!

  1. Dan..Great shots of your area – interesting to see how that Ponderosa was literally growing ontop of that flat rock. Good stuff…..Tom

    • Thanks Tom, it is really cool how they grow where they do! This one was growing into a crack under a rather large rock slab that isn’t visible in the picture. I had to take a buddy back there to help pry the slab up to free the tree.. . After attempting to move it myself I wasn’t sure the tree would be collectible!

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