Ponderosa #3 – First Styling

First, I’d like to make it known that I’m just beginning in my attempts at this amazing art form known as bonsai. So please don’t look at my work for your ideas of professional bonsai… maybe someday I will earn the honor of being listed among those artists who have made a name for themselves, but for now I’d much rather be known as the guy who is just starting out…far less pressure! ūüėČ — (for truly great works of bonsai¬†art, visit many of the links to the right of this page!)

— This is the first tree I have seriously gone after styling.. . completely without a professionals guidance. I have taken quite a few workshops…as well as tinkered with several trees (ok…a lot of trees). But this is the first one I’ve wired completely myself (no guidance) and styled without anyone else or a professional doing most of the styling. So… I’m well aware that the wiring is not professional (yet… )… and the styling as well. But I’m not¬†unhappy with this first attempt either.

Ponderosa #3

Gallery; the first two pic’s¬†are shortly after collection.. then the before styling photo’s.. and after¬†styling..after that.. .:

I’d love to hear thoughts and suggestions¬†from the rest of you. (Honesty¬†is appreciated¬†whether you like the tree¬†or don’t; I just ask for respect and¬†promise to give the same.)

This tree was collected…(by me)… in the spring of 2011. It grew very strong this year, +¬†a lot¬†of back-budding! —¬†Primary buds¬†were removed leaving¬†two¬†to three secondary buds at the tip of each branch, plus any that were further back on the branches. I also removed¬†most of the under-hanging needles to tidy it up a bit. —¬†It is currently¬†growing in a mixture of diatomateous earth (oil dry) &/or Turface, decomposed granite and a dash¬†of rotting pine needles (covered in mycorrhizae).

In the future: I plan to re-pot hopefully in the spring of 2014. —¬†I may¬†eventually reduce the overall size of the crown, but for now I want the tree to remain strong to promote continued back-budding for refinement.

(ps. if you recognize this tree…it’s because I posted threads on a couple of forums that I frequent.)

Thanks for reading ūüôā

God Bless,

Dan W.


8 thoughts on “Ponderosa #3 – First Styling

  1. Hi Dan,
    Is this heading toward a semi-cascade? I think it’s a nice tree & looks very healthy. At this early stage it does seem off balance, but I’m sure you’ll figure that out.

    • Thanks Judy, I’m glad you like it. And yes I believe semi-cascade is what I’m headed for. – I agree that there is a lot of crown there, but my hope is that as The tree gains more back budding and shorter needles (hopefully!), I’ll be able to draw everything in a bit. I may try the method covered in Larry Jackals Ponderosa book, but for now I’m taking a slower approach. — the tree is already doing a great job of back-budding so I’d rather not do anything drastic if I don’t have to.

    • Hi Art, thanks for looking. I enjoy the tree very much from that angle as well (especially in 2d!). I don’t believe it would make a good “front” for viewing purposes though.. as the tree is leaning directly away from you. — I may sell this one someday, but for now it is part of my personal collection. Thanks for asking!

  2. My first two trees didn’t even come close to these! Nice job on your first 2, they look good how they are, but you could try bringing the apex in tighter on the back of the first tree in the future.

  3. Thanks Ben. There is just the one tree, and to clear up any confusion… I’ve been keeping bonsai for several years, but this my first serious styling attempt in my own. I’ve had plenty of far less promising trees too!

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