2012 Outings

These first two pic’s are form the other day while I was out hiking. So… not exactly 2012, but I wanted to share them with you anyway.



There isn’t much snow yet,… I didn’t need skis or snow-shoes to get around at all. — That makes me a bit worried about another dry spring. 😦 Praying for rain!

On to the topic for this post:

Here are a few pictures form some of last springs collecting trips; We made a couple of club trips as well as several other excursions as groups.– The trees are all ponderosa’s, except for a RMJ that I’m working on, and two small Engelmann Spruce already wrapped up in the last pic.

Thanks! to Jim, Phil and Dick for letting us post pictures of them. — Phil and Dick are the ones responsible for infecting Steve and I with the bonsai bug. Thanks guys!

Jim has been building a very nice collection of native ponderosa pines along with many other nice trees…. We’ll have to feature him and his collection in a future post. 😉

This is a good time to plug our local bonsai club: the Laramie Peak Bonsai Society: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Laramie-Peak-Bonsai-Society/187666494632516. If you’re ever through south-eastern WY, or you live out this way, look us up!

There’s also a club in Cheyenne, and we head to Colorado on occasion to attend Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society events. Cheyenne: (http://www.botanic.org/) Denver: (http://www.rockymtnbonsai.org/)

More to come soon!

God Bless,



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