Fall Color – Maples 2013

Galaxy5 191b

Alright, I know this is a blog about Rocky Mountain Yamadori… but since we just had a beautiful fall here I thought you might enjoy some color.

Galaxy5 288b

First off, for those of you who are not bonsai nuts like Steve and I, here are a few things you should know: 1) Bonsai trees are real trees; they go through the exact same seasons as any tree growing in the ground. 2) There is no particular “bonsai tree” species. Bonsai can be created from any type of tree, though some do make better bonsai than others. For example, trees that usually have very large leaves and thick twigs aren’t easily used for these miniature creations. 3) Since trees need their seasons, we do NOT keep them indoors. Tropical trees are an exception to this in temperate climates, BUT they are still far happier outside during the summer. 4) It’s easier to observe the seasonal changes of deciduous trees, but this doesn’t mean that coniferous bonsai don’t need seasons. Any tree that naturally experiences changing seasons will grow tired and eventually give out if seasons (seasons of growth, renewal and rest) are not allowed.

Now on to the trees! Maples are one of my favorite species of tree. Here are a few of mine; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

First up is a fall progression of my best Trident maple:
(Thanks to Don Blackmond at http://www.gregorybeachbonsai.com for allowing me to use his sale pictures.)

Galaxy4 1173

Next up is my Deshojo Japanese Maple: (The first picture is what the leaves look like in spring. In spring the whole tree should be this color!)

Galaxy4 981

Here’s a small Kiyohime Japanese Maple I’m having fun with. I unfortunately didn’t get much fall color, but I included some Kiyohime spring color.

Fuji2 015

How about a Hedge Maple forest planting:

Galaxy6 319

And here are a few more pictures of random maples, including a rough bark Japanese Maple (Nishiki Gawa) and some Amur Maples that are in early training stages. The Amur’s have amazing color!

Galaxy4 1730

Galaxy4 1716

And finally, since this is a Yamadori blog… here’s a before and after fall picture of a small Rocky Mountain maple I collected this year.

Now, what you all really want to see… Here’s an idea of what’s coming up! Be watching for a new page featuring our collected trees, up soon!

Galaxy2 445

Galaxy2 319

I hope you enjoyed the fall colors as much as I did! And I hope you’re looking forward to our collected trees!

God Bless,


8 thoughts on “Fall Color – Maples 2013

  1. Hi Dan, Leszek here, lovely Maples, all of them. How do you grow Tridents in your zone? I think you are in 4a… that is somewhat cold for the Trident roots. And yours looks so healthy. I am envious.

    • Hi Leszek, Thanks for the compliment. I keep my less hardy trees in an unheated garage out of the extreme cold. I’m also building a small room in the garage where I’ll be able to control temperatures more easily.

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