A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look-

Michael and his students did a great job on this pondy! (Originally collected by Steve! An official Backcountry Bonsai tree!!!) I can’t wait to see it with more ramification, and in a pot!

Michael Hagedorn

Here’s a photo essay of a Ponderosa pine styling that we did last month with a few Seasonal students-


The pine after some cleanup on the deadwood, but before doing anything else. The next three photos are each turned another 90 degrees.




This was our favorite front. Avoiding the long slow curves, the trunk comes toward the front near the top and the line was the most un-S-curve-like one we could find.


Tom and Steve cleaning the deadwood, which had some dead bark attached.


Chris cleaning the trunk. It took us a good six hours to prep this tree, but only one hour to actually wire it.


Bobby got in on the action too-


Totally wired tree, at our chosen front, before setting the branches. We kept spraying the lime sulfured areas lightly to release the yellow sulfur.


After branch setting, 33″/84 cm high. Most of the sulfur was gone…

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