Kick-Off to the 2014 Collecting Season!

Fuji15 002

Well, it’s been an odd spring here in Wyoming. We’ve seen several days into the 70’s and even 80, yet were still freezing at night. We’ve been able to collect in some of our lower areas, even while snow keeps falling higher up the mountain; So, we’re happy to announce that we’ve officially begun our 2014 collecting season!

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy! We sure have been! (Disclaimer: None of the trees in this post will be available for sale until spring of 2015 at the earliest.)

Fuji16 160

Fuji16 133

Here’s Steve with one of two big ones we brought down recently.

And a shot of him packing the tree down to some shade for us to pick up again on our way back.
Fuji15 012

Here’s the big one I brought down. Steve lovingly dubbed this monster “Arnold”. I was lucky I found this guy. Steve and I were crossing back across the ridge toward the first large tree (above) we’d left for pick-up on the way down, when I came to a draw that was impassible without climbing gear. My choice was either to go back up to where Steve was, or to continue down some seriously steep rocks below. I opted to go down, and found this guy on a narrow ledge as I was nearing the base of the rocks. I’m glad I went down!

Can you tell I was a bit tired by the time I got back?

We try to leave any area we collect a tree from looking as untouched as possible. If there are any other plants or moss growing next to the trees we replant it and re-fill any disturbed dirt, rocks, pine needles, etc.

This Rocky Mountain Juniper is long dead, but check out how it grew in a double curl!

More pictures from collecting this spring:

Here are a few others we’ve collected so far:

Fuji16 166

Fuji15 020

We hope you’ve enjoyed the update!


20 thoughts on “Kick-Off to the 2014 Collecting Season!

  1. Hi Andy, I haven’t yet. But I believe that one will come. I hope to grab it this weekend.

    Thanks Tom! That was the first tree Steve brought back this year. I believe it is our official “First Tree Of The Year!”…lol

    • That pic with the Shooting Star flower is really nice. Have you ever collected some of those native plants to display along side your native RMJ and Ponderosa’s? I think they are the perfect fitting accent. I do this up in the Sierra. Amesome job guys, such great material!

      • Thanks for the compliments Jeremiah! I do pick up a few little plants here and there for accents, but I haven’t done this particular flower yet. I was just looking back at the picture last night and thinking that I’ll have to grab one or two this weekend. There are some great little succulents up there about to flower too! You should do a post with the different plants you’ve collected for accents… 😉

  2. Great update Dan, ‘Arnold’ is really fantastic, absolutely wonderful find! Overall, looks like better material and more in quantity, Congrats.

    • Thanks Chris! Yes we’re excited about this new spot. We didn’t really have any great spots for RMJ’s nailed down until recently. I tested the waters a couple of times last year, and we’re hitting it harder this year.

    • Thanks Brian! I haven’t really paid attention, but I would estimate that we’re around 6,000′. I’ll try to remember to look this weekend… been to busy looking at trees…lol. — I think exposure is more important than elevation when it comes to dead wood and character. Think wind, snow load and harshness of environment. These RMJ’s really seem to get that character on granite out-cropings. But you may be able to find good ones in more exposed high desert areas too. (They find great CA junipers right out in the middle of the desert.)

  3. Charles, I’ll bet you have some great deciduous species out there to collect. What are the nearest mountains to you?

    Thanks Stefan! Yes, many of these will be for sale next year. 🙂

  4. Hi Dan
    fantastic material !!!
    would love it if you could give me some really helpful information.
    after collection what kind of after care of you give? positioning, watering etc. ?
    would love to know the details!


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