Recent Work

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any work on my personal trees. So here are a couple of pines I performed the initial styling on this winter.

I suppose the term “initial styling” should be used lightly when it comes to collected trees. Because these trees have seen decades, if not centuries, of “initial styling” before we touch them. Nature has given these trees incredible character and uniqueness that is impossible to recreate by hand.

When it comes to working on these beautiful trees I strive to keep as much of the wild character of the tree intact as possible, while arranging the foliage into a pleasing “frame” or highlight to the tree. I don’t know that I’m always successful, but it’s an exhilarating challenge.

First up is a Limber Pine – (Pinus Flexilis) – Collected by me.
Still very rough, but I think the future is bright for this one.

After Styling:
Fuji104 010

Before Styling:
Fuji103 012

Next is a “Bunjin” or “Literati” style Ponderosa Pine – (Pinus Ponderosa var. scopulorum) – Collected by Steve.
This tree will be fun to pot!…lol. I can’t wait to see it ramify with shorter needles, and eventually in the final pot!

After Styling:
Fuji105 001

Fuji105 021

Before Styling:
Fuji103 021

These are certainly not recent work, but I don’t believe I’ve posted them before. These are all accent plants that I’ve collected here in Wyoming to display with my trees.

Sedum Lanceolatum, in a Japanese Bigei pot:
Fui16 003

Sedum Lanceolatum, in an American pot, made by Sara Rayner:
Fui16 016

Fui16 025

Sage, in a Japanese pot:
Fui16 030

Moss, in an American pot made by Michael Hagedorn:
Fui16 009

Thank you all for continuing to follow our progress!


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