Spring 2015 Update

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The 2015 collecting season is starting off with a bang! We’re exploring new areas as well as getting further into our other sites. It’s paying off with some of our best trees yet!

We’ve got plenty of news, so I won’t delay.

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Our club, the Laramie Peak Bonsai Society, hosted Owen Reich for a weekend in February. It was a great time styling trees and getting to know him. Owen is very knowledgeable and talented. You can visit his site here: http://bonsaiunearthed.com/ — Above is one of his tool holsters. They’re handy for bonsai tools or collecting tools!

Here are a couple of trees we worked on. First is one of Steve’s ponderosa’s. It turned out great, and is growing vigorously this spring, even after a very radical bend in the main upper trunk. — Next is my Trident maple that Owen brought a new pot for. It’s my first Koyo made pot. I love it!

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This is one of the collecting sites. Such a beautiful place!

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Steves camera 378

How about the trees we’ve been collecting?

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And a couple of big ones!

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Last but not Least, our website is up and running! All trees will be loaded there from now on. This blog will not change otherwise though. Check it out; We hope you enjoy it! http://www.backcountrybonsai.com

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Thanks for following us!

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6 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Update

  1. Hi Steve and Dan.Love those photos.Superb.
    I am a yamadori lover.I used to collect here also in Michigan,but health constraints prevent me now on my quest.When can I view what’s available for purchase from you?Thanks.

    • Hi Nuromeo, It will be soon we promise. We’re getting pictures of the trees that will be available this year. It’s been a cold and long winter/spring transition, so we are a bit behind. But we are close. In a week or two, we should have trees up on the website. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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