Twisted Trees Two

Steves camera 188

We posted way back in June of 2013, featuring some awesome twisted ponderosa pines (You can read the original post here: Twisted Trees! . Well, we still come across awesome ones every so often, and they are still just as fun to look at; They provide some great inspiration for styling of literati bonsai too! So without delay, here are more twisted pondy’s for your enjoyment:

The opening picture is the same tree as below, looking out over the top at his view. He picked one heck of a pad with a killer view!

Steves camera 186

Steves camera 187

How many trees do you see here? I had trouble believing it was all one tree at first glance when Steve first showed me this picture! His dog, Moose, is posing for a size comparison.

Steves camera 403

Steves camera 399

Steves camera 400

Here’s another, not far from the tree above:

Steves camera 398

This one is just insane!!! Steve found this tree clear up on top of a very large granite dome.




This is a great tree that I found very close to a couple of killer junipers last summer. The junipers were collected this spring, and I made sure to visit this guy while I was back.

Fuji18 006

Not a ponderosa this time, but a Limber pine, with a cool twisting blade all the way up.

Fuji103 008

Steves camera 383

Last but not least, this little guy twisted himself up into a knot! Very cool, almost like he grew his own bonsai pot…

Fuji20 067

Fuji20 068

Thanks for following along with our adventures everyone! Many of the pictures in this post were taken by Steve. It’s his birthday today by the way! Happy Birthday Steve!!!

(I believe all of our available twisted ponderosa’s have sold out for the moment, but we do have a few that should be ready to go next spring! 😉 )

If you haven’t been to our new website yet, please pay it a visit. We’re just about ready to load a bunch of new trees up for sale.



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