Nebraska Bound – A Juni’ and a ‘Porky’

Porky 001A

It’s rare for us to have visitors at Backcountry Bonsai; we’re a bit off the beaten path for most bonsai enthusiasts. There are however a few great people who stop in every so often. Our friends from Nebraska, Scott, Loren and Haidar have been through twice now, and we have a great time with them! They collect some killer trees of their own, but they always take time to see what we’ve been finding, and occasionaly make purchases or trades. (There are now two of what I consider to have been personal favorites residing (or about to reside) in Nebraska… maybe I shouldn’t let them look next time.. lol!!) Be sure to check out Scott’s site: Blue River Bonsai. You will often find collected trees available, as well as other great bonsai and pots by the talented Stephanie Walker.

LorensJuniper 018A

The purpose of this post is simply to introduce a few friends and to show a couple of trees that you likely haven’t seen yet. Both trees are headed for Nebraska in the near future, to the care of Loren Buxton. He’s the president of the Nebraska Bonsai Society, and runs a great blog called Branch Work. Loren also showed one of his amazing hornbeams at The Artisans Cup in September. It was quite an accomplishment to have a tree accepted to this event! (Congrats Loren!!) — I look forward to following the progress of the trees on his blog, and invite you to do the same! 🙂

First up is the ponderosa pine that Steve has dubbed ‘Porky’. This tree hasn’t been posted online yet, other than a photo or two from the Nebraska boys of me holding it, still in the collection bag.

Porky 009A

On very rare occasions we find a tree that seems like it’s just been waiting and hoping to become a bonsai tree for a very long time. It’s even more rare for that tree to be collectible. Porky is one of those trees! The tree already looks like a bonsai, and NOTHING has been done to it apart from collection, no training what-so-ever. And it’s not an “onion” base, as most all ponderosa’s like this are. It can only get better from here! 🙂

Enjoy the photo’s:

Porky 011A


Fuji203 008


Fuji203 013

Fuji203 015

The second tree headed for NE is a nice Rocky Mountain Juniper we collected in 2014. This is another one that is very ready for life as a bonsai. Great movement, taper, deadwood, curving and twisting live viegn, compact root system… it has it all! 🙂

The tree has so many “good sides” it was hard not taking too many photo’s…

LorensJuniper 009A

LorensJuniper 020A

LorensJuniper 012A

We hope you like the trees we find! Keep an eye on our site next spring for some amazing new trees. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood stop by; You might just find something you like just as much as one of these trees. 🙂 Winter is finally setting in here in WY, but we’ll be sure to put up a few posts to keep you entertained.

We also have some exciting new developments with a couple of professional artists, so be sure to stay with us.

Blessings, and stay warm.



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