Follow up to the Crataegus Post


Baby pictures of a few Backcountry trees at Michael Hagedorn’s! This post is simply a (mostly photographic) follow up to Michael’s post featuring a few of our trees that we delivered before the Artisans Cup.

We’re very excited to have Michael and his students working some of our best trees. We hope there will be at least a few show winners in there, and we think Michael is one of the most talented artists in the country. It’s an honor to be working with him. 🙂 Check out his work here:

ps.. sign up for his ‘Seasonals’ if you want to have a hand in working on these trees or many of his other amazing trees. 😉

Oh! And you’ll have a chance to buy these trees when they are ready! (Shameless plug… cough.. cough) — Just be patient… the trees have been in “feild training” for many years, and they have a few more years to go before it’s time to make thier debut at a show.

Fuji210 105

FujiTrees 271

DansS6 090

Galaxy2 369A

S6Dan1 200

DansS6 1302

What it looks like packing the beasts out:

Fuji104 062

S6Dan1 682


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