A Second Cork-Bark Ponderosa



Late last spring I stumbled upon a second Ponderosa Pine, within about a mile of the first, also featuring very obvious corking bark. Many of the wings on this one are even larger! I’m hopeful, with two in the area so far, that I might be able to find a bonsai worthy/available candidate. We’ll see, and if nothing else I’ll take a few scions and graft them to Ponderosa seedlings.

I’m doing some research in hopes of finding out more about these corked trees. When/if I find any good information I’ll be sure to pass it along. The corking on this second tree has developed very similarly to the first tree I found, so I’m fairly certain that they must either share some genes, or have been infected or damaged in the same way. I really don’t know what exactly causes this corking, but I’m hopeful that some of the forestry crowd out there may have answers.

Pinus Ponderosa, scopulorum
Enjoy the pictures!



I brought a couple of small dead branches home from this one.



Stay tuned, and If any of you have more information on this subject I’d love to learn more.



2 thoughts on “A Second Cork-Bark Ponderosa

    • Hi Scott, nothing to report yet. There’s still too much snow up there to get to this tree. Steve has done some collecting at one of our lower elevation points, but nothing up to this area as of yet.

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