Steve’s Ponderosa

Fuji108 030

Hello everyone! Just to break the silence and let you all know that we haven’t fallen off a cliff.. here’s a short post. This is a ponderosa pine that Steve collected (I believe in 2012, but he can correct me if I’m wrong). It was styled by Owen Reich in the spring of 2014, and then potted with Michael Hagedorn this spring. I think it’s coming along great! Enjoy. 🙂

HornbeamPonderosa 014A

The shots below are this trees progression over the last few years. Owen did some serious bending to compact the crown. He hardly removed anything.. if anything.. from the tree, but still managed a nice compact design. Great work Owen! 🙂



Fuji108 034

HornbeamPonderosa 011A

Keep an eye on the blog and the website. There should be new trees available either late this month or early May!

Happy Spring!


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