American Bonsai…


One of my personal Ponderosa Pines in development. Ponderosa is one of my favorite American species for bonsai that fit’s in a category all it’s own. 

American Bonsai… What is it? Could it be a particular aesthetic? Or should it be defined in our diversity?

From Nick to Bjorn, to Dan, to Ryan and everyone in between, bonsai in America is a melting pot. We are influenced by the artists of China, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, and so many others, as well as by our vast landscapes ranging in the diversity found between every extreme environment trees are capable of surviving.

Bonsai, or whatever you prefer to call it, is a truly global art form. It is the celebration of trees, of nature, and of the rich cultures that have shaped the art and practice for centuries.

Bonsai display collaborates with artists from multiple disciplines and perspectives. A single tree spans lifetimes and generations of artists, continually growing and being re-shaped on it’s journey.

I sincerely hope that American bonsai is never defined by a singular aesthetic, but by our diversity.

May we appreciate bonsai in it’s varying forms as we appreciate humanity, trees and life in many varying forms. The beauty of life is found in its diversity. The richness of life is diversity.

What is a mountain without the valley? What is a song never met with silence? What is ancient without the contrast of human life and history?


Combining my passions for bonsai and coffee! 🙂


Just sharing a few of my thoughts from late last night. I’d love to dialogue further on this topic in the comments below; feel free to share your thoughts! 😉




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