Yamadori Sources

This page is dedicated to offering you our suggestions on good places to purchase Rocky Mountain Yamadori for bonsai.

We finally have some of our own trees up for sale, but we’re not the only collectors and vendors selling Rocky Mountain Yamadori. Please check out these other great sources; We count many of them among our friends!

First up is Andrew Smith in Deadwood SD. Golden Arrow Bonsai One of the longest term and most respected providers of Yamadori material in the US! He specializes in Ponderosa pine but look for many more great trees as well!

Next is Randy Knight in Oregon. This man has probably collected more award winning Yamadori in the US than anyone to date; Not to mention winning trees at the recent National show and Artisans Cup! Something for all of us collectors to aspire to!

Natures Way Nursery in Harrisburg PA. Great trees of all Rocky Mountain Species from multiple collectors can be found here; even special trees hand picked by none other than Walter Pall!

And Todd Schlafer in Denver CO. First Branch Bonsai This is THE place to go for Colorado Spruce! But look for other great Rocky Mountain species too.

You can also try Harold Sasaki at Colorado Bonsai in Denver CO. There are many great collected trees all around the country thanks to Hal’s collecting over the past several decades!

Ryan Neil is selling high quality styled Yamadori. You can check out his site here: Bonsai Mirai

Larry Jackel is another well known Yamadori collector/seller in Colorado. He literally wrote the book on Ponderosa Pines as bonsai! You can contact him at lajackel@comcast.net

Also, be sure to check out Cho Bonsai in Dallas Texas! We don’t know them personally, but we’re excited to see them succeed! They’ve got quite a few great trees listed on the site! http://www.chobonsaiyamadori.com

New on the block the last couple of years are our friends Dusty and Andre of Branded Bonsai. They’ve been collecting some killer trees lately! http://www.brandedbonsai.com/

And of course there is yours truly: Backcountry Bonsai. Visit the pages under the “Yamadori” tab for what we’re currently offering. (More coming soon! Please keep us in mind and feel free to email with any specific requests. We just might have what you’re looking for! 🙂

These are only the main vendors I could think of that specialize in providing quality Rocky Mountain Yamadori. There are likely others, and if you know of any feel free to leave a comment on this page. I know a few other nurseries have a collected tree here and there, but this page is dedicated to those who specialize in this kind of material.

We wish you the best of luck on your search for that special tree! Our goal is great bonsai material for this ever growing art form that we love. May you find it wherever it’s available and make truly beautiful works of art!


2 thoughts on “Yamadori Sources

  1. Hi, i was wondering what kind of permits i would need to collect my own yamadori, i would love to be able to find my own tree in the mountains and haul it home but i want to do it legally, is there anyway for me to do this? Thanks you!

    • Hi Jack, it depends on where you plan to collect. You can buy “Transplant permits” from the Forest service for National Forest lands. And if you can figure out who to talk to, there are permits that can be sold for State land. I haven’t had any luck on BLM. — Private land is entirely between you and the land owner. Some will let you on for free, wile others may want some type of payment. There are several guys in the RMBS in Denver who collect and can tell you where to get permits for that area. Hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

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